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Rail Measurement and Control Technology

Our Mission

Since 2014, our qualified team consisting of DB Systemtechnik, TU Dresden and Witt IndustrieElektronik have been working together on a common goal: researching and developing an innovative and cost-effective rail diagnostic technology.

By combining big data, advanced analytics and smart sensors, we have succeeded in designing the most precise and high-quality rail infrastructure monitoring system on the market.

Electronic System Analysis at the Frog (ESAH-M)

The aim of the system is to detect damage and changes on tracks or points at an early stage in order to obtain an indication of the necessary maintenance work. This leads to an optimisation of maintenance planning (optimised use of infrastructure components and extended service life) as well as the noise emissions reduction during train traffic.

Our solution

Our system can dynamically record and evaluate the condition of a switch during a train journey. When crossing points with a rigid frog, the train wheels roll from the wing rail to the frog or vice versa depending on the direction of travel. The intensity of the resulting shock load on the crossed area is a characteristic indicator of the condition and wear of the points. Thus, the measured component accelerations are proportional to the system acceleration state.


In order to make an exact diagnosis, a long-term monitoring of a switch or a rail section is often necessary. Our long-term monitoring devices are connected to a cloud where they upload their data and store it for future analysis.


Our long of experience have enabled us to improve our analysis software through numerous field trials with triaxial acceleration sensors and highly sensitive pressure sensors. The raw data is rounded off by easy-to-use compiler software.


Repairs are expensive and time-consuming. In order to reduce the resource requirements of a turnout and keep it in operation, our diagnostic system creates a report (short and long term) that can be used to reliably plan corrective and preventive measures.

Your benefits

Our innovative system is a valuable acquisition for railway operators. The reliable data that results from this ensures that preventive and corrective track maintenance is only carried out when necessary, thus conserving resources.


Our product ensures increased safety by detecting early signs of switch wear and damage.


A further function of the device enables the evaluation of the degree of noise pollution and its reduction.


Our system reliably excludes unnecessary repairs to the turnout.


By reducing unnecessary repair measures, considerable costs are avoided.

Our Team

Since 2004, working side by side with our renowned partners: DB Systemtechnik, Technical University Dresden and Witt Solutions GmbH



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